Tell Stories with Pictures [Video]

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[This is an excerpt from a recent on-line video training: Telling Stories with a Camera, which you can download from our store. You can also access all our training when you become a member of our Video Training Library.]

Before you can edit, you need to record an image. And that takes a camera. The camera represents the point of view of the audience. This means that we can control what the audience sees and how they interpret it by carefully positioning the camera.

In this short video, host Larry Jordan takes us into the studio to illustrate camera angles and working with talent and how to use the combination to tell stories with pictures.

Demo: Telling Stories With a Camera

TRT: 6:22 — MPEG-4 HD movie

NOTE: This video may not play inside FireFox, if so, please use a different browser.

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9 Responses to Tell Stories with Pictures [Video]

  1. Michael says:

    Hi, Larry. This is the second video that seems to be playing really slowly.

    I have a Mac Pro (Early 2009) with 2 x 2.66 GHz Quad-Core Intel Xeon and 28 GB 1066 MHz of RAM.

    My internet download speed as I was trying to watch the movie was 33.01 Mbps from an LA server using Speakeasy – Speed Test.

    I’ve had no problems playing video from any other websites.

    Could the problem be with your server?

    • Larry says:


      Hmmm… All things are possible. It MAY be that too many people are playing this at the same time. Wait an hour or so and see if it improves.

      If not, get back to me and I’ll have my web team look at it.


  2. Mark says:

    Hi Larry. Sorry to dump another negative on you, but the video is playing very choppy on my computer as well. Until a few days ago all of your clips played fine. I’m watching on a 2014 2.9 GHz Intel i5 iMac w/8GB RAM. Download speed is 7.5 Mbps.

    • Larry says:


      I’m starting to suspect that we are overloading the server when my newsletter is released. Wait an hour or two and try again.

      If you still have problems, get back to me.


  3. Hi Larry,

    Your video in the newsletter are not playable. Rocky and jerky.Jumps back and forth.
    This is true for safari and chrome player.
    I use a Mac Book pro 15′ wit 16 G Ram and a i7 .
    All other sides are playing without problems.
    Kind regards

  4. Bmann says:

    It is just frustrating that you don’t support Firefox browsers for your video. I am sure I am not the only one that uses Firefox to read your newsletter and watch your videos. Can you have your web team take a look at this, and get a Firefox solution. Other companies such as Ripple don’t have the issue.



    • Larry Jordan says:


      Firefox is inconsistent. It works fine on some computers and not on others.

      We are continuing to look at a better solution.


      • Bmann says:

        Hi Larry,

        Thank you and that’s good to hear. I always have to go to Safari if I really want to watch a video from your newsletter. FYI, to help your research, I use the latest version of Firefox on a Macbook Retina 15″ 2012 model, in Mavericks, with 16gigs of ram.


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