Corporate Training


We believe that training needs to teach more than just which buttons to push. Without a clear understanding of the fundamentals – the “why” we do things – clicking buttons is meaningless. This is why Larry takes time in every class, whether with an individual or a large group, to clearly explain fundamental concepts, because when students understand “why,” they can more easily learn “how.”

We have four goals in our corporate training:

Improve software knowledge
Improve productivity and workflow
Improve finished project quality
Make the process of learning fun

Training Methods

Our training can be hands-on or lecture-style. We focus on meeting the needs of our students. What has generally proved to be the most effective for one to three students is hands-on training at your facility using your equipment and projects.

For groups of five to 30, our informal, high-energy, information-rich demo / chalk-talk style works best.

For groups of 30 or more, a more formal classroom presentation has the greatest impact.

In all cases, ample time is provided to answer all student questions and concerns. Additionally, surveys can be given at the conclusion of training to be sure all student needs have been met.

Larry Jordan & Associates Inc. now offer educational institutions a variety of training packages geared toward education. This new program, aimed at universities, film schools, high schools and independent students offer several options to invest in professional caliber post production training at deeply discounted prices.

Sample Agendas

We don’t believe in cookie-cutter training. We tailor our training to meet the needs of each individual client, based upon your needs and our evaluation of what training makes the most sense for your students. For one-on-one training, sessions from 3 to 4 hours, over 2-4 days, work best to give the student time to absorb all the material covered. For larger groups, sessions from 6 – 8 hours, over 2-4 days work best. All classes receive a written agenda, detailing what will be covered during the class. Training needs vary, and we customize our training to meet your needs. Feel free to ask us to put some ideas together for you.

Facilities and Equipment

For small groups, we prefer to work at your facility on your equipment.

For medium to large groups, we can arrange meeting space, equipment, catering, even overnight accommodations. Just let us know what you need, and we can make it happen.


Rates vary depending upon the number of students, whether the training is hands-on or lecture, facilities required and the total amount of training provided. In addition to the speaking fee, there may be facility or travel expenses — such as mileage, hotel and food — which is charged separately with a budget amount approved by you beforehand.

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