Educational Programs

Our Mission

To provide educational institutions world-wide with comprehensive, cost-effective, high-quality, world-class training covering Apple and Adobe media products.

Larry Jordan & Associates Inc. now offer educational institutions a variety of training packages specifically geared toward education. This new program, designed for universities, film schools, and high schools builds on Larry’s experience teaching at USC. These custom-tailored programs offer several options for professional-calibre post production training at affordable prices.

Video Training Library Subscriptions for Students

This option allows students to access our entire Video Training Library 24/7 — without any time constraints. We can offer special educational subscription rates for a pre-determined period of time – for instance, a semester. Each student receives an individual log-on and password and each account remains active for the designated length of time and cancels automatically at the end. This system is very simple to setup and requires no additional time to administer.

Classroom-Based Online Training

This option provides live, online training – either a single training event or weekly classes – designed for the specific needs of a school or its students. The schedule and content is determined between the school and our staff and can be built to cover whatever topics are required. Each 1-hour online training uses our live webinar software and supports up to 100 students per session. All classes are lead by Larry Jordan. We also offer surveys, quizzes and additional learning resources that the tutor/administrator can incorporate into the webinar.

Bring Larry to Your School

Larry is available for personal appearances and speaking events at schools or other educational institutions; for example, Career Days, classroom lectures or discussions with other educators.

Training Workbooks

For schools and colleges who run courses on post production, we can assist by creating workbooks containing learning resources, tests, and quizzes, with an instruction manual for instructors to follow.


Pricing varies depending upon customization, learning goals and the number of students. In all cases, we work with schools on an individual basis to determine the best program and the best price.

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