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logo-ThaloNetworking is THE key to success in our industry. It isn’t: “who you know.” It isn’t even: “who knows you.” It’s: “who knows what you know.”

Almost a year ago, I realized that my company needed to change what it was doing. I love teaching, technology, media, and chatting with you. I didn’t want to change that – though I happily experimented with different formats, guests, articles and techniques. Over time I realized that the problem was that we were just not reaching enough people. This required marketing dollars, outreach and partnerships that I didn’t have.

There was an even more important missing element: everyone who visited either or had the opportunity to learn, but not the ability to connect with other professionals. I was frustrated that I couldn’t answer a common question: “I need to find someone who can…”

We needed to get bigger and, if I didn’t have the money to acquire someone else, then we needed to be acquired. But I didn’t simply want to be acquired, it was important to me that all my websites, training, and subscribers be protected. An acquisition didn’t feel right to me if I was the only person that benefitted.

Finding the right partner was really, REALLY hard. There are very few companies that offered the right fit. A little less than a month ago, Heath McKnight, the editor-in-chief of, introduced me to Steven W. Roth, the founder and president of Steven loves business the way I love teaching and we began exploring how we might work together.

We very quickly realized that we had a shared vision for our industry. Both Steven and I have a passion for the arts. And, with Steven concentrating on business, I was free to concentrate on doing what I love: teaching, training, writing and speaking.

I’d like to say this was an easy decision, but it wasn’t. Giving up control of a company I’d built from scratch was very, very hard. Saying good-bye to my team was even harder.

But the world of training – and media – is changing. Success comes from partnerships and access to bigger markets and expanded marketing. Media is exploding far beyond its original boundaries of Hollywood and New York films and broadcast television.

As of April 1, we are now a part of the Artist Community. This is a group of websites that share a passion for creativity, the arts and connecting people. is an artist community and networking engine for creative people to be inspired, to connect and to showcase their creativity. Their sister website is, a leading online resource for filmmakers, covering news, reviews and tutorials for the video and film industry. Both and are now a part of this community.

What this new partnership means is that everything we’ve created continues and nothing is lost:

Everyone benefits. Plus, Thalo is built upon a foundation of creative professional networking. This was the key element that I needed to add. Whether you are interested in filmmaking, graphic arts, fine arts, museums, or any other creative activity, you’ll find someone with similar interests on Thalo. We are in the process of building a seamless interconnected network between,, and – because all four sites provide different perspectives on the creative process.


logo-DoddleThe Digital Production Buzz is very dear to my heart. I’ve been the executive producer and host for almost nine years. More than 500 shows and 2,100 guests. I really wanted to find a way to allow the show to grow and through our new partnership with Doddle, we have.

Short-term, though, we’re going to make some changes. Starting this week, The Buzz returns to an audio-only podcast to give us time to rethink how we want to implement video into the show. We will still be live on Thursday nights at 6 PM – LA time. And, yes, Mike Horton will continue as co-host while we add new folks from Doddle and Thalo.

Longer term, The Buzz will merge into the website. Doddle already covers media and The Buzz will strengthen their coverage of filmmaking. Both Doddle and Buzz newsletters will continue, as well as The Buzz program and brand.

Also, I’m delighted to report that The Buzz returns to the NAB trade show for the eighth-straight year. We’ll be originating 13 live shows over four days. You’ll find all the details at – which will be updated later this week with the show schedule and guest list. I love covering NAB and can’t wait to go back.

The Buzz has an important role to play in our industry, during April, Steven and I want to spend time thinking about the best way for us to play our part.


In today’s world it often seems that change is overwhelming. But change is a part of life. With our new partnership, I’m able to preserve our past, while joining a team that allows us to expand into the future.

Coming soon, I’ll restart my webinars, create new training and, as I’ve done since 2004, continue writing this newsletter.

I also need to thank the members of my team. They are an impossibly talented group of dear friends. Personally, I’m going to take some time off between now and NAB. While I’m excited about the future, I need a few days to catch up on much needed sleep.

I began my company fifteen years ago because I believed I could help. Your deeply moving thoughts when I announced that changes were coming reassures me that this was a worthy goal. I am so proud of what we have been able to achieve together. The good news is that this partnership allows me to continue doing what I love.

The future is never what we expect. Sometimes, we get lucky and the future becomes better than we expected. That’s where I find myself today. Stay tuned – there’s lots more cool stuff to come.


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  1. Buff Corsi says:

    I am SO glad my guru isn’t gone!

  2. Jim Horn says:

    Your one of the best teachers I’ve run into on video. Glad your staying. You should supplement with The Santa Fe workshops, Reid Callahan could use your talents

  3. Doug Lidge says:

    Whew! That’s a relief. I’ve had a pit in my stomach since finding out I might lose you as a mentor. Your competency and honesty has been an anchor for my video education. There was an email mentioning that the yearlong subscriptions were ending. I assume that we will find out in time how this new venture will be set up?

  4. Wishing you all the best and please you taking time out. Under all the years I have known you. First read and learning page by page your final cut 5 book which I still have. Then going on your courses and because you are on the other side of the pond watching you great and friendly web airs. You have given more than any to the industry. I thank you very much. Now you can do what you love doing giving.

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