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The worlds of digital video production and post-production are exploding, fragmenting, morphing, and recombining at a furious rate.  It is impossible to keep up with everything – even if you devote yourself to it full-time.  That’s where my blog can help.

In addition to my weekly audio podcasts – Digital Production Buzz.com – and monthly Final Cut Studio newsletters – larryjordan.com/newsletters – I needed a more timely way to keep you informed on what’s going on.  With our industry in a state of constant upheaval, it is often hard to figure out what’s really going on, to get reliable advice, or, sometimes, distinguish marketing exuberance from practical reality.

My goal is to help separate the fact from the fable, so you can pick the equipment, software, and systems that work for you.  While my focus is on Apple’s Final Cut Studio, this blog will be more wide-ranging than that, which allows us to cover more ground and provide a more complete look at what is happening across a broader range of our industry.

Even better, this blog allows you to add your own comments to help us to learn from each other. Click the word Comments in the lower left corner to add your thoughts to the conversation. If you don’t have time to check in every day, click the RSS button, next to the Comments button, to see all the latest postings.

These are exciting, strange, weird, and stressful times. Keep your sense of humor and let me know what you think.


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  1. Larry says:


    Thanks for writing — and thanks, also, for the kind words.


  2. Ken Assessor says:


    Just wanted to give you a shout out of THANKS. Through your site and books, we have a better understanding of editing tools and toys in this ever changing industry

    As a former student it is always great to hear the teachers passing on more knowledge.
    Keep up the good work and tell your daughter to keep her hands on the wheel!!

    Ken Assessor

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