We Are Now on MySpace!

Quite often I’m asked by readers if I have a MySpace page where they can visit us. So after discussing it with my team, we decided to expand our Internet presence and join the world of social networking! Kristi, our director of marketing, has taken on the challenge of keeping this current.

As a complement to our website, the MySpace page keeps you up-to-date with all of the exciting things we have going on, as well, it wll periodically have video features, offer special discounts to our subscribers, and allow you to further network with editors and filmmakers around the world.

Be sure to check us out, add us as your friend, and say hello!


See you online!

One Response to We Are Now on MySpace!

  1. Mel Matsuoka says:

    Great to see you guys becoming more ‘Net savvy in terms of the DPBuzz! I would, however, suggest to you that more of your audience (as well as colleagues) is likely on Facebook and/or Twitter, and not MySpace.

    The digital production community on Twitter, in particular, is especially thriving, and has basically killed any need for me to visit my MySpace (and even Facebook) accounts on a regular basis anymore. Twitter is more about an “opt in” interactive community, and less about “friend collecting” or popularity contests, which is the model that Facebook/Myspace is built on. And with the ubiquity of iPhones (and smartphones in general), Twitter is even more useful than MySpace or Facebook, because there are so many great options to utilize Twitter on the platform.

    I’m assuming (and correct me if im wrong) that most of your audience is comprised of real, working professionals. Generally, said professionals have so many things to think about during the day that logging into the hideously awful Myspace interface is the last thing on thier mind. However, the 140-character-per-message limit of Twitter forces a level of pithiness that works perfectly for our lifestyles, especially since nowadays a large number of us own iPhones. When we’re waiting for a render to finish, sitting on the can, or waiting in line at Starbucks (apologies for the douchey stereotype) we can quickly glance at our Twitteriffic or Twhirl client on our computer, or on the Twittelator or Twinkle app on our iPhones, and read a slice of whatever is on the collective minds of the people we’re following. And contrary to popular myth, people don’t use Twitter just to publicize what they’re eating for lunch. People who use it that way are generally un-followed by most users, because the reality is that WE DON’T CARE.

    Maintaining a Twitter presence would do nothing but benefit your show in terms of listenership, especially *maintaining* a loyal listenership.

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