Trouble-shooting Compressor 3

For the last few days, I’ve been corresponding with Andrew Findlay about his problems with Compressor 3.

While I use Compressor on a daily basis with no problems, Andrew has been having problems with Compressor unexpectedly quitting at the worst possible moments.

Today he sent me a note with a solution that I wanted to share with you.

Andrew writes:


I thought you would like to know I just fixed my Compressor “quitting unexpectedly” problem – thanks to you and the guys at Digital Rebellion. However, it was slightly more complicated than just downloading Compressor Repair. This didn’t fix the problem.

What DID work was downloading their other software called FCP Remover. (I had previously tried using Pacifist to no avail.)

All I had to do was uninstall Compressor and (the real culprit, apparently) Qmaster, then re-install from the FCS 2 discs, run the update software and, bingo! Even my old projects and media were untouched and continue to work fine. I hope this might work for other folks out there.

Below I copy the mail from the very helpful and all round nice guy Jon Chappell at Digital Rebellion:


Glad to hear you got everything sorted out.

Yes, by all means let Larry know what works because I know a lot of people have experienced that problem. I actually posted a tutorial on how to reinstall those components a few days ago:

This is not a problem with Compressor; it is a problem with Qmaster. I happen to think Compressor is perfectly fine in terms of stability but Qmaster has never ever worked, not even in previous versions. In my opinion, they need to either rewrite it or sever Compressor’s ties to it.

So thanks to you and Jon.

Best regards, Andrew

Andrew, thanks for writing and letting me know.

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