Tracking Software for 3D Images

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Last week, on the Digital Production BuZZ, we spoke with visual effects wizard Chris Zapara about how he creates his incredible effects – including winning two Emmy’s along the way.

First, if you haven’t seen his work, check out these links. They are AMAZING!

Kate Voegelle: Only Fooling Myself

Low vs Diamond: Heart Attack

Vanessa Carlton: Nolita Fairytale

Serj Tankian: Empty Walls

Seether: Breakdown

BattleStar Gallactica season 2 highlights

Second, during our conversation, we asked him what software he uses on a regular basis. While most of his answer was clear, his phone broke-up as he was telling us what tracking software he uses for materials created in 3D space.

So, I asked him again.

“The tracking software I use for 3d is Synth Eyes. It has a great bang for the buck.” Chris replied.

Click here to listen to the interview.

Just thought you’d like to know.

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