Thoughts on a Trade Show

Trade shows are world-wide and around the year.

Digital Video Expo just finished here in LA (Pasadena, actually), and we took our podcast – Digital Production BuZZ – to cover the event.

There are really only two reasons to go to a trade show: To learn something that you can’t learn on the web, or to meet people. For some, meeting new people is a chore, for others, its the highlight of the event. But when it comes to getting connected in our industry, nothing beats a trade show.

As for learning, whether it’s an insightful presentation from a conference speaker, or going in-depth with an engineer to resolve a problem, trade shows are for getting questions answered.

The BuZZ took an informational approach to our coverage – creating seven shows in five days. You can see a complete list shows here:

These are some of my highlights from all our interviews:

* Shooting video with Digital SLR cameras is very hot. Oliver Peters (Show 6) gives a great overview. Brian Valente (Show 3), Jens Bogengn (Show 3), and Jehu Garcia (Show 7) offer insight on the additional gear necessary to make it work.

* LED lighting is exploding. Paul Kobelja (Show 6) provides a good overview. Brady Harris and Michele Baily (Show 6) provide vendor perspectives.

* Getting jobs and making money are on everyone’s mind. Philip Hodgetts (Show 1) and Jessica Sitomer (Show 4) both talk about this.

* Trade shows are under pressure. Carmel King (Show 1) and David Williams (Show 2) address the challenges of putting on trade shows in the age of the Internet.

* It’s possible to save significant money going green. Lauren Selman (Show 6) talks about how to save money during production by considering the impact of “Keeping it Green.”

(Here’s the complete list of the shows I mentioned:

The thing I like best about trade shows is that I get a chance to meet companies that I haven’t heard of, or didn’t properly understand, before.

And now, through creating these programs for Digital Production BuZZ – you can share in the insights as well.


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