The Status of LiveType

Posted on by Larry

As you may have noticed, LiveType is not included in the latest round of updates from Apple.

I spoke with Richard Townhill, Director of Video Application Marketing at Apple about this and he told me that while the new version does not ship with LiveType, FCP 7 will read all current Livetype projects. So, you can use the current version of LiveType to create titles for the new version of FCP.

Plus, he said, Motion 4 has had its text functions significantly beefed up to compensate for not including LiveType. However, people who purchase Final Cut Studio from here on out, won’t get access to LiveType.

I’ll have more from my interview with Richard in the coming days, as well as reviews, tutorials, and comments on the new version of Final Cut Studio. Keep an eye on my blog – which is where updates will appear first.

4 Responses to The Status of LiveType

  1. Donald Schmidt says:

    if we get the new FCP 7 update and install it. won’t that Delete our Live Type Program . i wish FCP was Easier to Use I Can’t even Export a Movie i have in FCP to compressor go figure.

    – – –

    Larry replies: No. Don, Apple assures me that updating to FCP7 does not delete LiveType. From my own experience updating, my version of Livetype is still here.

    And, I export movies all the time with no problems, so I’m sure we can get your system working as well.

  2. Ian Brown says:

    How well does Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 import and work with Final Cut projects? We have a valuable editor who has a PC and is well versed in Premiere but we use Final Cut Studio 2. I have heard that the new Premiere Pro for mac work seamlessly with FCP project files.
    – – –

    Ian: The latest version of Premiere Pro imports FCP projects very nicely. And Adobe has already announced, but not yet shipped a version of Premiere that exports from Premiere to load into Final Cut. While I would not advise this on a daily basis, this is a very nice way to do a rough cut on one platform and move it to the next.


  3. I am running FCP 5 on a G5. Upgrading to FCP7 will mean a new computer as it only runs on Intel based Macs. How do I move LiveType from an older G5 to a new machine running FCP7 when I upgrade?

    This may have to happen sooner rather than later as I’ve just bought a Sony HVR-Z5U to replace my five year old PD170. I gather that I can edit HDV on FCP5, but will need to move up to FCP7 to take full advantage of the camera and it’s ability to record 24p and 30p.

    – – –


    Probably the easiest thing to do is to install LiveType on your new system from your FCP 5 disc. What I’m not clear about is whether that version of LiveType will run properly on an Intel/Mac. My sense is that it will, but I’m not totally sure.


  4. Meg says:

    I am a new kid in digital editing and am considering a purchase of FCP. Which one version would you recommend – FCP 2 plus an upgrade to version 3 or go with FCP 3 directly?

    Appreciate any advise.

    – – –


    If you have an Intel/Mac, and OS X 10.5, I’d purchase FCP3. Otherwise, I’d go with FCS 2.


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