The Importance of Backing Up

Posted on by Larry

For those of you listening to the Digital Production Buzz last week, you heard that our co-host, Michael Horton, was somewhat, ah, distressed that his laptop died.

In fact, it died about 30 minutes before the show started.

We did everything we could think of — including ideas suggested by listeners to the show — to bring it back to life. No success.

As is the way with these things, it had been a while since Michael backed up his hard disk. You can imagine the panic — all his work for the upcoming NAB SuperMeet was on that computer.

Fortunately, we learned over the next couple of days that the hard disk was fine, it was only the graphics card that died.

Still, this was a classic example of the need to regularly backup your data. A hard disk is cheap compared to the price of losing your irreplaceable data.

I’m looking to hearing a report from Mike on this week’s show about what fixed the problem.

In the meantime, please consider this a reminder to be SURE you are backing up your data regularly.


One Response to The Importance of Backing Up

  1. Jiri Fiala says:

    That’s why I save ALL my important documents and project files (from FCP, After Effects etc.) into Dropbox. I have it all synced between multiple computers, it’s automatically backed up to their servers (in a secure manner) and it even provides basic versioning.

    Media files, that’s something else, but you can recover them more easily in most cases than project files.

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