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This last week at the request of New Bay Media, my podcast – Digital Production BuZZ – traveled to DV Expo 2008 in Los Angeles to cover the event in detail.

We did four hours of on-the-floor interviews with every major vendor there. Co-hosted by Michael Horton and Cirina Catania, we spent time trying to learn what is both new and relevant in video production today.

One of the comments I heard a lot on my recent PowerUP seminar tour was that our podcast interviews are not long enough. People would say: “you just got started when you were ending the interview.”

With a one hour show, it’s impossible to give everyone as much time as they want. And while I’d like to have the show run longer, frankly, at some point, I need to sleep.

However, with DV Expo, we had plenty of time – and we took advantage of it.

For an overview of DV Expo, including some of my favorite interviews, listen to our weekly show.

For a list of all four of our show specials, click here.

Here are some highlights from each show that definitely merit your attention.

Show 1: Jeff Merritt, formerly of Panasonic, talks about HD formats, archiving, and where video technology is headed. Plus, Ned Soltz stops by to discuss what he’s learned shooting a Sony EX3 camera.

Show 2: Jan Crittenden-Livingston, of Panasonic, provides a lengthy interview about their choice of video formats, their newest cameras, where they are headed for the future, and suggestions on archiving tapeless media.

Show 3: Eric Yang, of Topaz Labs, presents their amazing software for up-rezing SD footage into HD while increasing the image detail. Most times, up-rezing makes things look soft. Their technology makes it look great. Plus, we have reports from three associations you should check out: DVPA, WEVA, and DCS.

Show 4: David Walton, AVP of Marketing for JVC, picks up a discussion we started two months ago talking about JVC cameras. Why they picked MPEG-2 as a video format, JVC’s growing success in broadcast, as well as a glimpse of where they are headed. Dave is extremely knowledgeable and I found his comments fascinating.

All-in-all, this makes for some great listening while you are traveling or waiting for something to render. I guarantee you won’t be wasting your time.

One Response to The BuZZ Covers DV Expo

  1. Larry, that comment you got about the podcast length came from me during the Miami seminar. I understand your concerns about the editing burden it puts on you, but the Oct. 30 episode of the Buzz was a perfect case in point. Cirina asked Joseph Maidenberg of Current a great question about “what was your most successful video” (on Current) and he was almost done with his answer when she had to cut him off before he had fully answered. This is a perfect example of why a podcast should be “organic” so it can expand and contract in length based on how the interview is progressing…..but that’s just me. 😉

    Dave – I agree that sometimes our clock gets in the way. That’s why I take advantage of the opportunities to run longer segments when they appear.


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