The 99.9% Audio Myth

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I’m getting ready to head to Scotland, England, and Ireland for a two-week series of Final Cut Studio seminars. (You can read about where I’m going and what I’m discussing here.)

When I’m in London, in addition to speaking at the Broadcast Video Expo, I’m conducting a full-day class on plug-ins that work with Final Cut Pro for Academy Class. I’ve never done an entire day on plug-ins, so I’ve been doing my research on what to present and what to say.

One plug-in that I like a lot is PluralEyes from Singular Software. This plug-in allows us to easily create synced multicam clips in Final Cu Pro. Bruce Sharpe wrote it, along with another staple in the podcast universe called “Levelator.”

Anyway, Bruce is a cool combination of computer scientist and audio guy, based in Vancouver, Canada.

The reason behind my writing all this is that I’ve been getting a lot of mail recently regarding shooting and editing DSLR video in Final Cut Pro. While the workflow continues to improve, there are still some kinks that need to be worked out.

One of these is that DSLR cameras often do a very poor job recording audio. A great solution to this to record audio on a different piece of gear than you record the video – a process called “double-system recording.”

Hollywood has been doing this for years and it works great. However, if you aren’t used to it, it can be very confusing. This process becomes more complex because DSLR cameras don’t shoot at the traditional NTSC frame rate of 29.97 frames per second, instead they shoot at the much more logical 30 frames per second. Which can cause audio problems.

That’s where Bruce comes in. He’s written a very helpful blog that discusses this whole issue, along with easy solutions on how to resolve this in Final Cut Pro.

If DLSR work is in your future, take a few minuets and read Bruce’s posting:



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