Tech Note: Sending Files to Soundtrack Pro

Posted on by Larry

Michael Cowan sent me a note earlier today that I wanted to share with you.

He was having problems sending sequences from Final Cut Pro to Soundtrack Pro (STP). Since I do this all the time with my own projects, without problems, I couldn’t figure out why he was having difficulty.

First, I suggested that he send his sequences from the Browser, rather than selecting all the clips in the Timeline. I find sending Browser files to STP to be more reliable.

That didn’t work.

Second, I suggested that he trash both his FCP and STP preference files. I have found that corrupted FCP preference files can mess with sending files to STP.

That didn’t work.

Hmmm… time to think. However, while I was thinking, Michael did some research. What he didn’t mention when we were first talking about this was that the sequence he wanted to send contained other sequences in it (what Apple calls “nesting.”) Ah-HAH! Using nests causes problems. As Michael wrote:

“Alas this issue lies with the well-documented nested sequence/XML problem that prevents “Send To” of nested sequences to Soundtrack Pro. I’ll need to change my workflow. There was some guy [Jeremy Hughes] who said he had success by Sending To Apple Color, back to FCP and then on to STP (perhaps Color generates cleaner XML), but it didn’t work for me.”

For those that need more information, here is the link to Apple’s support site:

And here’s the link to Jeremy Hughes‘ Color workflow workaround:

Thanks, Michael, for sharing this!

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