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I get several hundred emails a day — some I keep for each month’s newsletter, while others don’t need to be kept at all. However, many fall into a gray area of being kind of interesting, but … And I’ve often wondered what to do with them. These include announcements of film screenings, interesting FCP tid-bits, and lots of miscellaneous trivia. It suddenly struck me that this blog is a perfect place to share them. So, every so often, I’ll gather up a bunch of them and share them with you as “Passing Thoughts.”

Final Cut Pro 6 limits the image size of a sequence to no more than 4,000 pixels wide or high.

If you have problems with potentially corrupted P2 media, check out Raylight’s MXF importer:

I’ve been covering Blu-ray Discs a lot. Darryl Yee sent me this link to an Arstechnica article on the integration of Blu-ray Discs with the Internet.

Note: Bruce Nazarian comments that “BD-Live is one of Blu-ray’s ‘promised lands’ although it requires a huge amount of backend server prep in order to function effectively.
This is NOT something that ordinary desktop authors can create… It requires high-end authoring, and complete sync with the backend server programmers, not to mention a boatload of programming!”

Willard Jansen sent me a link that allows you to make your own TV Station on the web:

I’ll post more of these as time, and email, permits. As always, I am interested in your comments.

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  1. Daniel Larson says:

    I enjoyed the webcast on The State of BluRay. How well does Apple’s Compressor perform for encoding HD video destined for a BluRay disc? You and Bruce had said that many of the authoring programs include an encoder. I was wondering if Compressor had an advantage of speed or quality over the included encoders?

    Best Regards,


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