I've Seen The New Version of Final Cut Pro…

… and it’s a jaw-dropper.

Last week, Apple invited a few folks, including me, to a short meeting in Cupertino where they previewed the up-coming version of Final Cut Pro.

While I am under NDA and can’t talk about what I saw, I CAN tell you the meeting happened and that it showcased the new Final Cut Pro.

While the invited crowd was small, it was a Who’s Who of leaders in the post-production community. I felt like I was standing on the red carpet at an awards show, watching all the stars walk past.

There will be LOTS to talk about as this project gets closer. For now, I recommend you subscribe to my monthly Final Cut Studio newsletter – because I’ll share all the news that I’m allowed to share in there first.

Tell your friends … its gonna be a great year.


P.S. If you feel the urge to email me for more information, keep in mind that Apple’s lawyers are bigger than your lawyers. So, until Apple lifts the NDA, I’m telling you all I can … for now.

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  1. Alaska says:


    I’m a teacher in Alaska who wants to create a Video Production class, brining together a lot of small Alaska villages and creating weekly news. Our big goal is to do a lot of Native preservation video, and even investigative stories. I won a grant, and have money to purchase Final Cut Studio….and because of all the news about the new version I am waiting to purchase. Am I smart in waiting (and even using Final Cut Studio)? We’re bored with i-Movie and want to go to the next level. Just looking for advice here. Thanks.

  2. Jack says:

    I really hope the allow FCE to work with 720p 60fps video. That would make my year right there !

  3. Marcus R. Moore says:

    It does bring up the interesting question of where the divide will lay between iMove, FCE, and FCS. Some have speculated that FCE may go away as a product- and certainly I think there might be a case to be made for that. As iMovie’s functionality grows, accepting formats and framerates that used to be considered “Pro”, but which are now used by many consumers using 1080 24p DSLRs; the middle ground continues to shrink.

    With Apple recently rolling out betas of Lion over the appStore, one has to wonder if FCS may be available that way, broken up and sold separately as it’s individual components. So instead of buying Final Cut Express, you just buy Final Cut, and those who get use out of the other components in the Suite can buy them individually or at a bulk discount. Of course, this would be a sure way for Apple to determine what parts of the FCS people are actually using. I’m not sure we’re ready for this yet- a full install of FCS takes up just shy of 50GB- that’s a lot to download remotely…

  4. nickeditor says:

    “I’ll share all the news that I’m allowed to share in there first.”
    ¿Do you have any news Larry? 😉

    ¿What do you thing about Avid Media Composer 5.5?

  5. Alan Day says:

    Not feeling inspired. I have Snow Leopard but can’t run it in 64 bit mode as I have the very first 8 core that Apple produced – if FCS4 is 64 bit only – THAT means a new computer – AND if FCP4 does not support BluRay that may seriously mean Sony Vegas on a PC for me! Goodbye Apple? I’ll miss Logic but defiantly not Soundtrack “Pro” (sic)

  6. Charlie says:

    I was just about to buy an Imac – I-7 2.93 w/ FCP 7.
    Guess I should wait.

  7. Tom says:

    Great news, Glad I passed on FCS3, Hope the wait is not months away but weeks would be nice, Apple computing power is up there now so software should be also up to the task.

  8. Magued says:

    just a quick question i want to buy a mac book pro 2011 the 17 inch with standard configuration .. what do you suggest should i buy or wait ?? and do i need to upgrade any specs to fit the new FCP ?? waiting for you reply thx for your time larry 🙂

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