Is the New Final Cut Pro Coming at NAB?

Posted on by Larry

I was happily answering questions from my latest Final Cut Studio newsletter which released this morning – you can sign up for it here – and getting ready for NAB, when, WHAM!

The ProVideo Coalition publishes a rumor that Apple is announcing the next version of Final Cut Pro at next week’s SuperMeet. Then, supplements it with lots of very interesting supporting quotes.

Frankly, I was stunned.

While all things are possible, there are many strange elements here. First, nothing is confirmed by anyone. I have sent emails to learn more, but there’s nothing official.

Second, as Rob Griffiths wrote on the IMUG mailing list: This seems “awfully heavy handed of Apple to kick all the other presenters out? Apple doesn’t have any trouble drawing a crowd. Why piss off so many vendors… that Apple has good relationships with… and put the SuperMeet folks in the awkward position of clearing the agenda a week before the show?”

Since I know the “Supermeet folks,” and understand what’s involved in putting together a show this massive, “awkward” does not begin to describe the position, and stress, they are in. This is a HUGE, last-minute, change in plans.

From my point of view, Apple has made a big deal of avoiding trade shows – especially NAB – because, as Rob points out, they can draw a crowd simply by standing on a street corner. I don’t see why they need to announce at the SuperMeet.

On the other hand, a lot of the folks they would like to reach will be there. And, as I’ve written before, whenever Apple announces the next version, what you see will be “jaw-dropping.”

Curiouser and curiouser…

I’m going to the SuperMeet next week – wouldn’t miss it, actually. And guaranteed that if anything is announced I’ll be covering it here in this blog, in my newsletter, and on our podcast – Digital Production However, for now, I’m adopting a wait-and-see attitude.


UPDATE – 10 minutes later.

The SuperMeet Agenda has been changed to read:

“The Final Cut Pro User Group Network is excited to have a very special guest presentation at the 10th Annual Las Vegas FCPUG SuperMeet. Come to see a surprise sneak peek at something very special – you really do not want to miss this one!”

Looks like that makes it official. Prepare to be stunned.

7 Responses to Is the New Final Cut Pro Coming at NAB?

  1. cpm5280 says:

    Still billed as a “sneak peak”, which to me is quite different from a release, or an announcement. So from where I’m standing, this is great news for people at NAB, and for the rest of us just means we’ll get more details but won’t be using the software for some time to come, no matter how cool it is.

    I’ve been wrong before, and hope I am this time, too.

  2. Marcus R. Moore says:

    It’s awkward, for sure, and I have no idea what it means for the other presenters- however… I would imagine that it’s of anyone’s benefit who’s presenting at a FCP meeting that Apple be given the stage to announce the new FCS, especially if it’s going to have the impact you suggest. These are people who base they’re hardware/software offerings on the FCS platform. If there’s going to be a paradigm shift, the LAST thing they would want to do is a big dog and pony show based on yesterday’s news.

    What are the chances of a videostream or liveblogging from this thing?

    Very excited!

  3. Marcus says:

    Apple stars in the the sequel to “How to Lose Friends and Alienate People”. Showing for one night only , only in Vegas.

  4. Jeff Handy says:

    I said it already elsewhere, but I’ll add it here too. If you have a party honoring Bowie and Bowie crashes the party, I think you want to let him take the stage. Sure, the cover bands were all good and had their guitars handed to them. But even they can appreciate the real Bowie showing up.

    Heck, it could even be Steve himself. Would you say no to that? I don’t think so. And it’s in Apple’s best interest to smooth things over with those who they swept off stage. So I do trust that they’ll do something for them.

  5. Jeff Handy says:

    And BTW, after all this hubbub, the SuperMeet is now sold out.

  6. Jeff DeMello says:

    I’m glad I bought my SuperMeet ticket early! Here’s hoping that Apple will donate a few copies of the new Final Cut Suite as door prizes for the SuperMeet! 🙂

  7. Richard F Randolph says:

    I could not agree with Jeff Handy more. What could make a better night than listening to Apple tell us what they have been doing for the last several years. I thought this was suppose to be a Final Cut Group. Maybe I am wrong. I only wish I had a ticket and could be there. The last update was a bust from my standpoint. I am hoping that this takes us in a different direction with an up-to-date base instead of 1990’s base that has been patched to just get by.

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