Holy Swirling Clouds of Death, Batman!

Posted on by Larry

Petrol, maker of all kinds of gear cover and carrying cases, sent me the following photograph of Richard Campbell shooting on location.

Holy Smokes!

To Petrol, this was an ad for their camera rain cover. To me, it was a perfect illustration of the risks we often run to get “that perfect shot.”

Petrol’s press release states:

Richard Campbell shot video in 25 named hurricanes and spent five weeks on assignment for “The Weather Channel” with a tornado researching crew.

A freelance news photographer, Campbell’s assignment had him embedded with a National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and National Science Foundation (NSF) mobile crew. This armada of scientists with weather instrument equipped vehicles roamed the southern and central Plains from mid-May through mid-June, 2009 to understand how, when and why tornadoes form. His live video from the resultant tornado observations was seen on “The Weather Channel” during this period.

it is an amazing business we are in…

And, if you have an image of you doing something ridiculously, um, stupid, send it in and I’ll share it with everyone.

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