Gossip, Scandal, Rumors, and Innuendo…

Posted on by Larry

I’m reminded of the story of three blind men describing an elephant. None of them can see the truth, so each has to describe this huge beast from their own, very limited, perspective.

What brought this to mind was a recent blog post from Dustyn Gobler commenting on what the cancellation of the XServe means to the ProApps. (Read it here.)

As I told Dustyn in my reply to his post:

I think there is a very large middle-ground that you are over-looking which exists between Avatar (and The Real World) and soccer moms. In this area, Final Cut Studio provides a high-quality and significant solution.

Still, until we see what Apple has planned for the future, all this is just guess-work. It was fun to read your thoughts even though I do not wholly agree with them.

Dustyn kindly responded saying that the lens through which he viewed the Apple announcements was that of someone involved in reality TV and info-tainment.

Then, he shared with me an email he received from Steve Jobs, which, if true, adds yet more fuel to the fires of all this discussion.

Take a look at this second post from Dustyn and let me know what you think.

As Dan Cook, or Earl Weaver, or Bill Carpenter, once said: It ain’t over till the fat lady sings.

Cool – I can wait.


3 Responses to Gossip, Scandal, Rumors, and Innuendo…

  1. Erik says:

    I am looking forward to the (yet unconfirmed) announcement of a new FCS next year, but I’ll be getting a trial-version of Media Composer to be on the safe side right now. 😉

    Pushing more than 3 TB worth of media files around on a machine without LOM is not my way of dealing with the valuable ingests I am responsible for. And I was just done with the setup of FCSvr. 🙁

  2. Don B says:

    Flash: Ping now linked to Twitter. Pressure’s on Facebook to deal with Apple. Music will be promoted via viral/social means as never before. Video is next. Promotion and distribution as we’ve known it are over. “Recommendation” and “curation” are the new kings. Even Google is capitulating.

    What’s this got to do with FCS? Apple’s video tools will become a front end for their ad and distribution network, driven by their new data center(s). Producers will now serve consumers directly, fulfilling Steve’s customer-centered philosophy for media. Direct-to-consumer *is* good for everyone. However, old-school video pros will have a tough time with this. It takes a web-mentality to understand what’s happening, and Steve has that.

    The next FCP won’t be 64-bit or have whizzy new features. It will, however, give producers a market to sell directly to consumers. This is what you want. Trust me 🙂

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