Finding A Name for Final Cut Studio

Posted on by Larry

Apple is making my life difficult.

The latest release of Final Cut Studio is named Final Cut Studio. This is the same name as the release of Final Cut Studio with Final Cut Pro 5.

Now I spent a LOT of my time writing about Final Cut Studio – the new version AND the old version. This means that I need to spend time explaining whether I am talking about the Final Cut Studio that goes with Final Cut Pro 5 or Final Cut Pro 7.

This is just nuts.

So, in case you are interested, even though it goes against the Apple trend, I’ll be referring to the latest version of Final Cut Studio as Final Cut Studio 3.

– – –

By the way, for those that can take a little humor with their software, the LA Final Cut Pro Users Group has two forum threads you’ll like:

What should we call Final Cut Studio (3)?

How do you pronounce ProRes 4444?

Thanks to Mike Horton for the links.

2 Responses to Finding A Name for Final Cut Studio

  1. nicolas says:

    Perhaps they save the name “Final Cut Studio 3” for a next version that will come soon after Snow Leopard and with so more new features (!) that it will make sense. So, perhaps you should save your “FCS 3” for the REAL FCS3. Otherwise, when it’s out, you’ll be in a terrible mess Larry 🙂 dealing with two different “3s” ! So why not just say “FCS-07-09” ? (or “FCS-09”- it’s almost the end of the year) something that would just save the future wide open !
    – – –


    You SEE the stupid mess Apple’s gotten us into? Sigh…

    I’m still calling it Final Cut Studio 3. When the new version comes out, I’ll call it Final Cut Studio 3 (revised).

  2. Carl says:

    Apple’s FCS support web page refers to this release as Final Cut Studio (2009) though the rest of the site simply calls if Final Cut Studio. Ambiguous indeed. 🙂

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