Film Note: Dale Stewart – New Zealand Filmmaker

Several times a week, I get a note from a Filmmaker asking for help promoting their work. After struggling for a long while to find the best place to do this, I finally decided to post these here – under the title “Film Note.”

If you are an independent filmmaker and want to share what you are doing with the world, let me know and I’ll help.



My name is Dale Stewart, I am 24 years old and I am living in Auckland, New Zealand. I am a young, up-and-coming film maker within the country. I started my career with two short films and both have done very well.

I am currently in post-production for my first feature film which is fully funded by myself. It is a horror film called [ COMPOUND ] and began shooting in Feb 09.
Here is the first, full, trailer.

I recently completed an interview with Fangoria Magazine. Here is the interview.

Being from New Zealand I have had a lot of support from the New Zealand media and people within the film industry. Ive been recommended by a friend of mine to contact your website to how I can get some more buzz out for my film which is nearly complete.

Dale Stewart

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