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In a recent newsletter, I invited readers to send in their favorite iPhone apps for production or post. I thought you might be interested in some of their replies:

Ian Hart

I find Movie*Slate very handy as I often need a clapper to sync multi-cams and/or digital audio recorded on my Zoom. I work on my own or with a very small team and I can operate Movie*Slate with one hand (shake to iPhone to cause the slate to clap).

I bought Storyboard (Cinemek) with which you use the iPhone camera to construct a storyboard, then perform pans, tilts, zooms etc, rearrange your shots, add dialogue (as subtitles) etc, play in "real time" and then export to a PDF document. Very impressive app, but until now it’s been more like a party trick than a serious part of my workflow.

Voice Memos is a really convenient tool for research. With a 30GB iPhone you can do very many hours of recording.

And the camera, of course. Just about an indispensable tool these days.

Gary Wales

My current favourite iPhone App is Movie*Slate. A simple yet multifunctional digital clapperboard that allows you to export/import XML files into Final Cut. A real time-saver on a shoot and can be blue tooth synced with another iPhone for multi-cam use.

Steve Schumacher

Time calculator is great if you need to add minutes and seconds, etc. Works just like a stand alone time calculator.

For pre-production and planning of shoots, Sunrise & Set Lite is fantastic. It tells you when the sun rises and sets, not just for today’s date, but for any day you choose. Perfect for knowing in 5 months when the sun is setting.

Kit Lammers

Convert – convert any units, use for time (no time code though)

OS X Ref – Quick reminder for key commands

DipSwitch – Calculate DipSwitches

Keith Marshall

This is a very cool app where I can upload/download scripts and use my iPhone as a teleprompter. If you have another iPhone/iPod available, you can use it to control the other as well.

This will allow you to build a storyboard, animate camera movements and export as a pdf. I was working on a project as a teaching experience to a group of teens and we used this to educate them the process of planning.

And my most favorite…

I can dock my iPhone into my Alesis ProTrack and record 16/44.1k stereo or mono to my device. This acts just like a field recorder and the ProTrack allows me to plug in XLR or Phono audio source or use the built in X-Y stereo microphones

Norman Hollyn

AJA DataCalc
Both of Moviola’s guides: FCP Guide and Pro Video
Diana Weynand’s iKeysTo Go is also a good alternative
And I also like NEDi (which is macPro Video’s online tutorial guide

Pat DeFilippo

P D Post has used DJay software (Mac only, $50) for years to live- and auto-mix walk-in/walk-out music at corporate events, dance music at parties, etc. Today, DJay released DJay Remote, a $5 app for iPhone/iPod Touch. You still need the full version of DJay installed on your Mac, however DJay Remote lets you completely control all of your songs with DJay’s powerful functions remotely via the same Wi-Fi network that your Mac is on!

Tore Jonssen

I use CodecCalc and AutoCue all the time, works like a charm.

John Warner

I use Focalware on each and every location shoot to accurately predict sun and moon positions globally from sunrise through sunset anytime of the year.

All interesting choices. Let me know what your’s are and I’ll add them to the list.

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