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One of the cool parts of what I do is discovering new companies. Except, well, actually, I didn’t discover these guys, they sort of reached out, grabbed me by the shoulders, shook hard and said: “Hey! Pay attention!” I can take a hint….

Rampant Design Tools is not your typical stock house. For example, in January, 2011, they moved all their images to 3K. Now, this year, they moved up in resolution, this time to 4K. They specialize in creating high-resolution video, design, and audio elements for post-production.

Rampant was founded by Emmy award-winning Visual Effects Artist Sean Mullen. He has over 60 credits in feature film and television. He has shot and created VFX elements for network shows, feature films, private hollywood libraries and has created content for many of the major stock companies out there.

(And, if Sean is the guy who writes the copy for their website, he’s gonna be adding a writing award fairly soon, too.)

I’ve gotten their emails for a while, you may recognize this image from one of their earlier campaigns, however, as I don’t use After Effects, I wasn’t very attentive. Until a few weeks ago, when my podcast – Digital Production Buzz – invited Charles Burket, who does Visual Product Development for Rampant, on the show.

Charles specializes in creating gun muzzle flashes for action/adventure movies and television programs. Wow! What’s not to like?

(You can hear our interview with Charles here. )

As I was researching the show, I checked out their website. They have an impressive diversity of effects from the indispensable to truly weird. Ink splotches, Textures, Glitches, Grunges. and the ever-popular Film Dirt and Scratches.

If you haven’t visited them yet, their site is worth looking at for a couple of reasons – the quality of their work and the variety of detailed tutorials:

DISCLOSURE: After our interview with Charles on The Buzz, Rampant decided to become an advertiser on the show – for a month. They would still be a cool company even if they didn’t spend any money.

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