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One of the benefits of attending a trade show is talking to engineers and other product specialists that are hard to meet in any other way.

Recently, I took my podcast – the Digital Production BuZZ – to GV Expo in Washington, DC, to originate our show from there. Because we had so many people to talk to, we decided to produce several hours of programming, rather than just our one-hour show. This meant that some fascinating interviews got moved to our less-listened-to shows.

One of those was with Kevin Towey, Regional Sales Manager for Microboards Technology. His company manufactures equipment for duplicating CDs, DVDs, Blu-ray Discs, even, to my surprise, USB drives. Anyway, during our conversation, we started talking about how to choose the best optical media for burning discs. I’ve been talking about this issue for a while, but Brian did such a nice job summarizing this, that I wanted to share it with you here.

If you need to make sure the discs you burn will play, you need to listen to this short interview.

Note: Once the clip loads into your browser, you may need to press the RETURN key to start playback.

Click here to play Brian Towey’s comments. (TRT: 1:29 768KB)

Click here to view a list of all the shows we did a GV Expo. (TRT: 1 hour — streamed)

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