Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X…

Posted on by Larry

… and Motion and Compressor

Apple today updated all three of their professional video applications:

These updates fix significant bugs, but did not add any new features.

FINAL CUT PRO X (v.10.1.3)

Here’s what’s new:

MOTION (v.5.1.2)

Here’s what’s new:

COMPRESSOR (v.4.1.3)

Here’s what’s new:

Updates are free and available through the Mac App Store.

6 Responses to Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X…

  1. Gretta Wing Miller says:

    what are growing files?
    I would have liked some advanced notice, rather than being told ‘this project needs to be updated”!
    but all is well.

    • Larry says:


      Growing files are a special file, not in QuickTime format, that allows you to edit a media file while it is still being recorded.

      The most typical example is sports. Using growing files, you can edit sports highlights from the first quarter while the growing file is still recording the teams playing the second quarter.


  2. Marilyn Pennell says:

    HI Larry,

    When did FCP X aka 10 out out this newest upgrade? Confused if this is new or dated info.



  3. Kerry Miller says:

    Hi Larry,

    Love your website and training videos! Have recommended them to many friends and colleagues. Question came up about upgrading to this latest 10.1.3 release. Do you know if it is possible to upgrade directly from a much older version of FCPX (10.0.5)? Will associated media files in project & events folders update neatly to the newer library structure, or is it necessary to install each intermediate version of the program along the way (10.0.6, then 10.0.7, then 10.0.8, etc.)?


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