Apple Updates Final Cut Pro X

Posted on by Larry

This morning, Apple updated Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, and Compressor 4. According to Apple’s website, here are the changes.

Final Cut Pro X — What’s New in Version 10.1.2

Motion — What’s New in Version 5.1.1

Compressor – What’s New in Version 4.1.2

The new features that I am especially struck by are the ability, in FCP X, are its improved media management. Of all the complaints I’m hearing currently about Final Cut, media management and file linking are at the top. This new update seems to address that issue.

The Motion changes essentially keep it in parity with Final Cut Pro X.

While the new changes in Compressor, especially fixing color saturation issues in compressed files and improved stability, address some ongoing concerns.

I have not yet installed the new software. The standard rules apply: don’t upgrade if you are in the middle of a project, unless your current project is not working.

The new ProRes 4444 XQ codec is worth learning more about. Here’s an article I wrote that explains this in more detail.

As always, let me know what you think.


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  1. Tim says:

    Does Final Cut X have the ability yet to export individual Audio Tracks?

  2. Larry says:


    FCP X had long had the ability to export individual audio clips and groups of clips using Roles.

    To convert them into ProTools you need X2Pro from Marquis Broadcast.
    To convert them for Adobe Audition, use X27 from Intelligent Software.
    To convert them into EDLs, use EDL-X from Xmil Workflow Tools.


  3. Tim says:

    Thanks. I do a lot of video work hat has multiple versions of audio that needs to be synced to each animated video then converted to ac3 so I can load into DVDSP. For some reason I thought this could not be done in FCX. Must have missed that. Guess I will buy it and start learning my way around it now with all these new features. Thanks for the help!

  4. Clayton says:

    This kind of skated by me, but seeing it……it seems to re-enforce Apples commitment to FCPX. Thats good news.

    • Larry says:

      I agree. Apple updated all its video apps and releases a new version of ProRes. Plus, Apple stressed they were still committed to Final Cut and Logic.

      All good signs.


  5. Victrolux says:

    Ironically, just the day before this update I purchased “FINAL CUT LIBRARY MANAGER”… specifically to be able to delete render files globally across all/any library. If I’m not mistaken, it appears as if, in the update to FCPX, one can assign/delete file storage locations only on a library-by-library basis… not globally across all libraries. So Final Cut Library Manager might still work better for deleting globally. I hope FCLM will still work once I begin to locate FCPX scratch, optimized and render files on a separate disc…. if not I hope FCLM will update/adapt soon.

    BTW, Larry, thanks for your great 3 day FCPX webinar on Creative Live. Great marketing decision on your part… because, as a result of how helpful it was I will STILL likely purchase your full training from your site.

    Victor Ingrassia
    Oakland, CA

    • Larry says:


      Thanks for the kind words.

      However, your money is safe. Library Manager does more than the new version of FCP X. All of Final Cut’s operations are library-focused. You work with one library at a time. Yes, we can now delete render, optimized, and proxy files – but only one library at a time.

      Final Cut Library Manager allows us to work with multiple libraries at the same time.


      P.S. I’m already at work creating updated training for FCP X – it should be out shortly.

  6. Victrolux says:

    Follow up to my previous post about Final Cut Library Manager.. the current update does not yet support FCPX’s scheme of storing generated media on other drives… but they say they will be releasing an update that will address this in the future:


    Allows cleaning of internal files (as with the previous verison) when Final Cut Pro 10.1.2 is installed.
    Note: Final Cut Pro 10.1.2 now adds support for externally stored generated media and cached files. A future update to Final Cut Library Manager will also handle these files.”


  7. Caesar Darias says:

    I just noticed there are new Transitions, Titles, Themes and Generators in FCP X. And there are more Jingles! Did Apple even mention that? I’m not complaining. I hope they will keep expanding music and, especially, give us more Loops.

    Anyway, Larry, if there’s a way to name clips upon import, please explain that in your new tutorial. I know it can be done later. However, it’s so much easier and more organized do it before.


    • Larry says:


      There are a large number of new features – which is why I’m writing an article and revising my video training to cover them. (both out shortly)

      However, at this point, we still can’t rename clips during import.


  8. Caesar Darias says:

    Thanks, Larry. I’m looking forward to your always detailed, informative and entertaining videos.

    BTW, still no seamless roundtripping with Motion. UGH! Why, Apple? Why?

  9. Henry K says:

    Hi Larry,

    I do notice one unmentioned change in FCPX 10.1.2, which is Library’s sorting order.

    In the pervious version, it is in order to library’s name but now is in order of “time of open”, last opened on top.

    Is there any way to change it back to sorting by name?



    • Larry says:

      Try the sort options in the Gear icon, just below the Libraries list. Also, right-click inside the Libraries list and try the Sort Order options listed there.


  10. Henry K says:

    Hi Larry,

    Thanks for your prompt respond.

    When I select a Library, the gear icon sort by options are “grey out”, right-click inside the libraries only give me the “Sort Event By” option, either method allow me to make any “Library” specific sorting method.

    I would like to know if any one else has the same problem. It’s ok if you only have 1 or 2 libraries, but if you need to open 20 libraries simultaneously, it will be problematic.



    • Larry says:


      No one else has reported this, yet. And I won’t have time to take a serious look at this until the end of the week. If it is a real problem, please contact Apple Support.


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