And Now, Something Different

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John Bogdanovich sent me the following note:

I just released my 10 DVD series on making concert classical guitars. The project took two years to complete and due to the tiny budget available I was only able to hire a camera crew to shoot it, therefore I had to do everything else myself or the project would not have been possible. There is a trailer on my site. To view, click here.

I was able to learn how to do almost everything (editing, animation, working with stills, color correcting, audio) by watching your tutorials on and by attending the three day seminar you gave in Charlotte. WIthout having this information available and presented in such a clear and concise manner this project would never have been completed. I can honestly say it was worth every penny.

Your instructional style made learning all this stuff a pleasure, and in the end I was very happy and proud of the final product.

Letters like this make me feel very proud. First, that I was able to help. But, more importantly, because the skills that we take the time to learn help us to achieve dreams that would otherwise be impossible.


One Response to And Now, Something Different

  1. Phil Balsdon says:

    As a cinematographer that has benefited from your Soundtrack Pro tutorials and also an interest in woodwork I was interested in this DVD.

    Not only is John now a craftsman in the woodwork shop he is a craftsman in the edit suite and has produced a very professionally shot and edited DVD set with the same attention to detail he applies in making his guitars.

    It must be very rewarding to you Larry to realise your tutorials have enabled him to achieve this.

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