Adobe Releases The Creative Cloud Update

Posted on by Larry

This evening, Adobe released their Creative Cloud update to all their audio and video products.

You can learn more here:

This release is a big deal for several reasons:

I’ll have more on this over the coming days, including new training from us on many of their products, starting with Adobe Audition CC.

For now, I want to congratulate Adobe on this major accomplishment and wish them all the best.

As always, I am interested in your opinions.


7 Responses to Adobe Releases The Creative Cloud Update

  1. Terry S. says:

    Moving towards a subscription model is the best thing they’ve done. With Adobe constantly updating their creative apps, it does not seem practical to keep paying so much each time to stay current. I [would] rather lease software that I can trade up to the next current release than throw thousands away on out-dated software I eventually will not be able to use.

    What really stresses me is all the negative response Creative Cloud has sparked around the creative community – especially among the Photography and Graphic Design community. The chatter among the Photoshop, Adobe, Design, and Photography groups on Linked-In is deafening. I suspended my weekly group update subscriptions due to so much negative discussions and comments.

    It’s discouraging – me being one who really embraced the new distribution model from the start and was an early member, this all seems likely to hurt or cause problems for the rest of us who embrace this service with open arms.

    There’s a lot of great people at Adobe who are creative professionals like the rest of us, who are just working to make these programs better than ever! They are Artists, Photographers, Videographers, Graphic Designers, Animators, Web Developers, Video Editors, Compositors, etc. Like the rest of us they only want to make our lives easier and allow us to do what we all do best, CREATE!

  2. Dave D. says:

    @Terry S:

    I agree completely!!! I’ve just started my second year on the Creative Cloud and in my opinion, it’s the best thing since sliced bread. The new CC apps are amazing. Don’t get me wrong, I also use FCPX and have dabbled in Avid’s MC too. I just like how I have access to as many of the apps as I need at any given time in the Creative Cloud and it cost less per month than my cable bill…and I make money using it (unlike my cable service).

    I wish more people would get a grip (not a gripe) and understand this simple idea of being able to get in at such a low price. It makes so much more sense to me to be able to pay the low monthly fee as needed than to spend a huge amount up front for apps that I would have to upgrade again later anyway.

    Thank you Adobe for allowing us lower budget film makers the ability to have access to these great tools to extend our creativity!

  3. Dave D. says:

    Oh, and BTW, now that the new CC apps are available we’ve switched our production workflow from FCPX to Adobe’s Creative Cloud apps. We’re half way through our first season of a new children’s TV show (just signed on for a second season of 26 episodes) and very excited to now use Adobe Premiere Pro, Prelude, After Affects, Audition, SpeedGrade, Photoshop and Media Encoder.

  4. Terry S. says:

    @ Dave D.

    Congratulations on the success of the children’s TV series you are working on! I wish you well on your second season and your future professional endeavors!

    Good luck with Premiere Pro, I’m reluctant to switch my main editing software since Final Cut Pro X meets my current needs. But I use most of the other apps in the Adobe CS6/CC collection. I plan to explore it as an alternative when I get time. I’ve been using Final Cut Pro since version 1.0 and was a switcher from Adobe Premiere (Version 4 or 5 then, I believe). It would not surprise me if it’s still a memory hog though – LOL! At least they improved the rendering and real-time playback.

    I join you in thanking Adobe for giving us smaller budget Filmmakers, Animators, Motion Graphic Artists, Graphic Designers, Web Developers, Video Editors, Photographers, and Videographers these great tools at a reasonable price!

    Embrace the change – this is a GREAT CHANGE and opportunity!

  5. Mike says:

    I’m brand new to Creative Cloud. It looks as if Encore is no longer associated with CC. Is there another way to get to DVD menu templates? Thanks

  6. Terry S. says:

    One thing that does trouble me about the recent change is that there is no backup of any of the CS6 apps if you installed them as a Creative Cloud member versus the full-priced license or boxed version. When you go to the downloads section of your Creative Cloud portal, you only find the CC apps, no CS6 apps. So my big question is how do you replace a CS6 app, if it becomes corrupt or lost somehow? And for newcomers like Mike, how can they get access to the CS6 apps like Encore, that they did not create CC versions of, if they removed them from the list of available software?

    One measure I took before I upgraded to the new CC apps, was to archive my system drives on both my desktop and laptop before installing the new apps. That way if I had issues I could revert back to a stable version of my system. I did one archive of before and after installation of CC for good measure.

    One thing I did notice is that Adobe Bridge CC and Photoshop CC was very slow at times loading and closing in Mountain Lion (latest update), but very fast in Lion. My guess is perhaps Adobe has not fixed all issues with Mountain Lion or that it’s not optimized for it, but I’m not sure.

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