Adobe Discontinuing Volume Sales of CS6 Apps [u]

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[Updated with additional information from Adobe on their TLP and CLP volume licensing programs.]

Today, I received an email from Adobe Systems announcing it will discontinue sales of Creative Suite 6 applications under their TLP and CLP licensing programs. At first blush, this seemed to mean that all CS6 applications would no longer be available after June 1.

However, this is not true. What IS being discontinued are volume sales of all CS6 applications from Adobe’s CLP (Cumulative Licensing Program) and TLP (Transactional Licensing Program). For a website defining what these are, click here.

The full text of Adobe’s message reads:

Dear Adobe Customer,

At Adobe, we’ve always been steadfast in our commitment to providing you with state-of-the-art creative tools. That’s why, effective June 1, we’re making Adobe Creative Cloud your exclusive source for all future creative licensing. This means that Adobe Creative Suite 6 will be discontinued under our TLP and CLP licensing programs. All other Adobe products available under volume licensing, like Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Presenter, will be unaffected by this change.

Rest assured, we’ll work with you to help make the move to Creative Cloud smooth and without disruption to your team’s projects. If you prefer, you may still buy individual copies of CS6 on; however, the apps will not have been updated since CS6 was released two years ago.

As with any change, you’re likely to have questions. For answers, contact us at 800-915-9424 or visit our resource page, which includes FAQs, a comparison of CS6 and Creative Cloud, and other useful information.

Thank you for your business, and we look forward to creating more great things together.

Discontinuing CS6 software was especially concerning to me because Adobe Encore is the only affordable way we currently have on the Mac to author DVD and Blu-ray Discs.

When I contacted Adobe to verify my facts I learned:

* Individual copies of all CS6 software will continue to be available for sale and download after June 1 on Adobe’s website.

* This message was sent to indicate that volume licenses of CS6 software will not be sold after June 1. (Though Adobe could have done a lot better job with the wording.)

* However, support for all CS6 products will continue past the June 1 date. “Support will continue as long as feasible – no firm date on dropping it, it’s all dependent on OS / Platform viability, so some ways off yet.”

* For those that need DVD / Blu-ray Disk authoring, “Encore CS6 will remain an entitlement to CC subscribers, there is no plan on changing that.”

* However, if you are not a CC subscriber, you would be well advised to purchase Encore before the June 1 deadline, if you see yourself needing DVD or Blu-ray authoring in the future, as the software won’t be available separately after the June 1 date.

If you are a volume licensee of Adobe and have additional questions, please contact Adobe at 800-915-9424.


4 Responses to Adobe Discontinuing Volume Sales of CS6 Apps [u]

  1. R. Kalstein says:

    Hi, if you still have it on your hard drive, Apple’s DVD Studio Pro still works on system 10.8.5 to create DVD’s.

  2. Caesar Darias says:


    Just last week I burned a Blu-ray disk directlly from FCP X on my iMac, complete with chapters.

    Of course, I had an external BD burner. I was connected via USB 2.0 and it wasn’t too bad in terms of speed for a project with a 19 GB Master File . The first disc burn takes longer. The rest are much faster.

    I’m going to get a USB 3.0 burner. I’m sure it will be much faster.

    BTW, there’s one fix that Apple needs to address with Blu-ray, which is a very basic program on FCP X. When you hit the next chapter button on your remote control, it does not advance.

  3. Jason says:

    What’s really odd is that if you installed an older FC Studio Suite like Final Cut Studio 2.0 on a system running Snow Leopard (10.6.8), then upgraded that system to Mavericks (10.9.2), FCS 2.0 apps still work like FCP 6 and DVD Studio Pro 3. The were the Universal apps, and I have a seperate startup drive for Snow Leopard, Lion, and now Mavericks. I duplicated the Snow Leopard drive using the restore function in Disk Utility, before upgrading to Mavericks. I was surprised that my FCP 6, DVD Studio 3, Motion 3, and Compressor applications didn’t get removed or place in a incompatible apps folder like some would when you upgraded to 10.7 Lion.

    I’ve yet to test if exporting from the timeline in FCP 6 or burning a DVD in DVD Studio Pro 3 works or not. I will check and report back on that. But it was surprising that they opened up with no issues or requirements to re-enter my registration info. All of that seemed to be retained with an upgrade to Mavericks.

    I missed the upgrade to Final Cut Studio 3.0, and by the time I could afford to upgrade, little or no copies were still available to purchase at a reasonable price. So I went with Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, and the new Compressor apps, which I’m ecstatic about! Never was a fan of Adobe Premiere, still do not feel comfortable in Premiere CC despite all Adobe’s efforts to make it a better app. No matter which version of Final Cut Pro I have used, it all flows better and is much more intuitive design and interface. I ingest my media even faster with Final Cut Pro X and that means I get started editing sooner, so my time is not wasted. Love the new apps.

  4. Steve says:

    As a Creative Suite user and advocate of the interconnectedness of the software I would like to say that Adobe is making a huge mistake. Between the problems with software dying because it can’t check in and the inability of users who cannot connect to a network (I am one of those) to get new features or software/security updates Adobe is opening the door for other software vendors to snatch up those that feel abandoned after decades of loyal use.

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