Adobe Announces New Products

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UPDATED to include quote from Adobe press release.

This morning, at the seventh annual Adobe Max conference, Adobe announced new versions of its products – all focused on the Creative Cloud and shipping June 17.

NOTE: Adobe updated their website this morning with the news. Click here to visit. Expect links to be slow, their website is overwhelmed at the moment.

Adobe Max began as a Macromedia conference, before Adobe acquired Macromedia, so its roots are in web development. In fact, this was the first year that Adobe expanded the event to include tracks targeted more toward traditional creative types.

The key announcement was that Adobe is moving to a subscription-only model for all its software going forward; though they will continue to support and sell CS6 for those that need non-cloud-based products.

Quoting from the press release:

Adobe announced it will focus all its creative software development efforts on its Creative Cloud offering moving forward. Adobe’s desktop tools, formerly known as Creative Suite, are now rebranded CC to reflect that they are an integral part of Creative Cloud and have been reinvented to support a more intuitive, connected way of creating. While Creative Suite 6 products will continue to be supported and available for purchase, the company has no plans for future releases of Creative Suite or other CS products.

The demos at this morning’s keynote all revolved around Photoshop, Illustrator, and the web; with only one After Effects demo. However, it was a mind-opening demo showcasing significantly simplified rotoscoping in After Effects that retains soft edges like leaves and hair.

NOTE: It also proved that the music world is much served when Jason Levine only demos software.

I have meetings today and tomorrow with Adobe executives to learn more about how this new cloud focus will impact creators working with audio and video media. I’ll report back what I learn here in updates to this blog.

I was also very interested to note that the phrase “Adobe Anywhere,” which was Adobe’s term to describe cloud-based media collaboration was never mentioned in the keynote.

Clearly, Adobe is staking out new ground in collaboration, access, and social media integration. As with any large initiative, the devil is in the details.

I’m looking forward to learning more and sharing what I learn with you.

As always, I am always interested in your comments.


6 Responses to Adobe Announces New Products

  1. Evan Krueger says:

    Hi Larry,
    Do you have any thoughts on Adobe ceasing to release creative suite packages on DVD as they have to date?
    I find the Creative Cloud to be an intriguing and in many ways exciting way to move forward, especially in terms of collaborative efforts. With that said, I’m not a full time creative professional with little reason to upgrade regularly (which would make monthly vs. package pricing largely irrelevant), and my workflow is not primarily Adobe-based. I understand that tiered pricing is available to those who need not license the whole suite, but I am interested to hear your thoughts on Adobe moving to a subscription model.

  2. Evan Krueger says:

    Thank you.

  3. Leon Ault says:

    I have CS6 Production Pre….will not be going with CC. Really does not
    work for me…will use Photoshop for as long as CS6 works but will go back to FCP for all the streaming projects and Avid for the broadcast projects. Too bad I was really starting to like PP for editing.

  4. Rick Whitfield says:

    I’m calling on all Adobe users to vote their feeling about Creative Cloud. Visist this URL and vote:
    And Thanks.

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