A Digital Still Camera Shooting Movies…?

Posted on by Larry

Jody Eldred sent me the following links a few days ago, with these comments:

Look what a guy just shot with the Canon EOS 5D digital SLR still camera. It shoots full-res, 1920×1080 1080P/30 high definition video. 21 megapixels. 12 minutes of record time on a 4GB card. Records RAW images. Its amazing what F1.2 lenses can do. $2,700 retail.

Depending upon your perspective, this camera is either terrifying, exhilarating, or just plain “out there.” But, take a look and decide for yourself. The images are stunning!


There’s a behind-the-scenes piece you can view here:


Let me know what you think.

5 Responses to A Digital Still Camera Shooting Movies…?

  1. Gary Gowman says:

    I saw that camera mentioned a couple weeks ago and checked out the footage. I would not mind using one for a project. Very interesting times in our business.

    Gary Gowman

  2. I rank this as incredibly interesting. It has the potential to be a game changer. Shallow depth of field, like on 35mm stills or 35mm film. The sharpness. It’s on my wishlist. Not for use on all video projects. But it will definitely have its place.


  3. Matt Davis says:

    The images are gorgeous. Agreed. But before we bet the farm…

    – Audio is going to be key to a wider market for this setup. Otherwise it’s a peacock camera.

    – Ergonomics – pulling focus, riding a shot, nudging the zoom – again, the wider market is going to have to transition to this.

    This is great ‘just outa beta’ stuff, and shows what Scarlet might have done (or jolly well should have done). It is like watching stills move. But having seen the Nikon stuff as well, I’m concerned that this form factor isn’t ‘the one’.

    But nice to watch something develop (and even more so than watching DV/DVCAM develop in the ’90s).

  4. Martin Weiss says:

    And some more points:

    The video was downsized to 25%. For a while you could download some of the full-sized video. Here you could see compression artifacts, especially on the water.

    I am impressed by this stills camera, that allows also recording of video. But it is not a video camera, much less a camera for professional use. But a venerable fist try (that got RED to reconsider next year’s Scarlet camera, a 3k point-and-shoot camera aimed at the prosumer market.)

    Exciting times. (And welcome to the Blogosphere, larry!)

  5. Ben Bradley says:

    Looked great. I also noticed the compression artifacts on the water under the bridge. I couldn’t take my eyes away from it. But I still thought that it was beautiful footage for the cost. I especially loved the helicopter sunset scene at the end of the making of video. And it would be nice to have audio built in even if only to use a reference for syncing the “real” audio.

    Also, don’t forget that you also have a sweet DSLR to use when you’re not filming!

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