A Different Point of View

So, there I was. Feeling pretty darn good about being able to share some news about the next version of Final Cut Pro, when Greg Clarke, over at Intelligent Assistance, sends me a link to the movie he just created.


After I picked my jaw up off the floor, I had to admit it was pretty darn funny — and I wanted to share it with you.


P.S. If you missed the original blog, you can view it here.

6 Responses to A Different Point of View

  1. Eric Harnden says:

    Ha ha ha! Reminds me a little of this one I made:
    Final Cut Pro 8 – What Apple’s message means to us: http://bit.ly/hF42GT

  2. FCPdotCo says:

    But this gives you a handy URL to direct people to when they start asking you for more information 🙂

  3. Marcus R. Moore says:

    Larry, a point of note about your most recent Newsletter. In the HOT GOSSIP: NEW FCP section, you point to the two related news links at TechCrunch and this blog, and then you say,

    “If you haven’t seen them, take a minute to read them now, because I want to talk about these for a bit. (Go ahead, I’ll wait.)”

    That reads to me like there’s more discussion to come after the video. I re-read it 3 times to see if I was confused; it had me looking twice for more content on that topic. Am I illiterate or is it just phrased for maximum tease…

    • Larry says:

      Ah, good point. It wasn’t meant as a tease. I’ll reword the newsletter because I don’t really have a lot more I can talk about.



  4. Marcus R. Moore says:

    As I suspected. All good.

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