Why Does UpRes Video Look Bad? [Video]

workflow[This is an excerpt from a recent on-line video webinar: “How to Make Up-Res Video Look Better” which you can download in our store, or as part of our Video Training Library.]

Up-resing is the process of converting lower resolution video into higher resolution. For example, converting SD video into HD or HD into 4K.

While there is no single, perfect way to convert SD to HD – and nothing you can do will make low-res footage look as good as if it were shot in high-res – there are techniques you can use to make your conversion look as good as it can; provided you understand what is going on “under the hood.”

In this webinar, host, Larry Jordan, explains the challenges of up-resing, both in terms of resolution and interlacing. He then shows a variety of different ways to integrate or convert low-resolution footage into something better using a variety of software.

During this session you will explore:

In this short video tutorial, you’ll learn what up-resing is, why it is so hard to make it look good, what bitmaps and interlacing are and how they relate to improving the look of your video.


Overview: Why Does UpRes Video Look Bad?

TRT: 12:33 — MPEG-4 HD movie

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3 Responses to Why Does UpRes Video Look Bad? [Video]

  1. dencj24 says:

    Hi Larry,

    Not seeing webinar 203.

  2. Some may find hardware upconversion will do the best job over software methods. I use a Snell and Wilcox box that performs better than software only results. I can also stretch only the outside of the frame to create the 16X9 image from the 4X3 as well as “Tilt and Scan” the entire image.

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