Where Are My Soundtrack Pro Files?

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Nicolas Nilsen sent this in:

I went to a friend of mine to record his voice for a FCP project. I went there with my laptop (MacBook Pro with Final Cut Studio). I made the recording (SoundTrack Pro), saved the .stmp file and went back home to work on the FCP project…




Then I copied this .stmp file on my other computer and I got this warning message !
“Missing files” ! STP can’t find the files ? which files ? what missing files ? There’s just one .stmp file … !


If I click “ignore”, it doesn’t work – the wave forms are missing !


WHAT FILES AM I SUPPOSED TO FIND to make it work ? where are they ?


If you could explain that, perhaps I wouldn’t lose a few hours of hard work :-)))
thanks for your kind help Larry

Larry replies: The problem is that you didn’t copy all the files you needed. You need to think of the STMP project as similar to a Final Cut project. The project file contains pointers that POINT to the media on your hard disk, but the media is NOT included in the project file.

What you need to do is go back to your friend’s system, reconnect the same hard drives, then do a Save As on your file and COLLECT all the different audio files that you recorded.

What I do for all my Soundtrack work is create a folder (“Larry Jordan project”) then, inside save the STP Project file (“Larry Jordan intv”) and Collect all audio files. This puts a media folder in the project folder. Once I have both the project file and the media folder, I can take it anywhere.

(Also, Nicolas, I apologize for getting your name wrong on my email back to you. I wasn’t paying proper attention. Sorry.)

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