Time Machine Causes Conflicts With External Storage and Final Cut Pro 10.6.2

Posted on by Larry

Richard Chambers, former Sony Media rep, sent this:

Larry, just heads up for anyone who may experience the same problem. I’ve been running the latest version of Mac OS on my 2019 MacBookPro (still the Intel version). I downloaded the new Final Cut Pro version 10.6.2 I believe. But I couldn’t open any of my FCP libraries because I was getting a permissions error. Sorry I can’t remember exactly what it said.

I looked at permissions in the Get Info screen but nothing helped.

I called Apple Support and they looked at my screen to analyze it. It turns out that I had been keeping Time Machine backups on the same external Raid I used for editing and that caused the problem. So I moved backups to a separate dedicated drive and will continue doing that. The support tech said that links between Time Machine and the hard drive were expanding and interfering with other apps.

Feel free to pass this tip on to your readers if you’d like. I had kept Time Machine backups on my editing drive for years with no problems. So apparently this just happened recently. I didn’t think to ask Apple if it’s unique to Intel Macs or not.

Larry adds: Thanks, Richard, for this tip.

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