The Incredible Broom Cam!

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creativityIn our never-ending search for the latest and greatest in production and post-production technology we came across something that is likely to sweep the industry: The Incredible Broom Cam!

No where else in the pages of history will you find product reviews of this caliber. Let me brush my notes together to get a handle on this new low in technology.

Yup, this device cleans floors while you clean-up at all the major awards shows.

“Broom cams,” you say, “Pshaw… why those grip guys on ‘Grimm’ got there first.”  Maybe. Perhaps the inspiration came from the Grimm prototype developed by Ross Berryman, the DP on “Grimm.”

The origins of the Broom Cam are most-likely lost on the trash heaps of time. And, besides, let us not let true facts stand in the way of making up a few of our own. This latest iteration was developed by John Putch who, when he’s not inventing high-tech cleaning products, is directing television series such as “Scrubs,” “Cougar Town,” “Ugly Betty” and “Outsourced.”

NOTE: There is no truth to the rumor that he first named this the “CleanSweep Eight.”

“What you see here,” John told me, “is a Blackmagic Design Pocket Cinema Camera feeding an HDMI monitor.”

The built-in monitor on the handle allows you to see what you are about to run into before you actually run into it. John calls this “look-forward” capability, “prescience.”

When I asked John why he felt inspired to create this, he replied: “I wanted a super low angle sliding across the floor; following some feet in a long hallway. You can’t get this low to the ground with a motion picture camera.”

True words. This does take television to new depths.

“[I’m] using it on my next episode of the TV show ‘Rush-Hour.’ The soft bristles of the indoor grade push-broom give it a smooth, comfortable ride. I can mount any small camera on this rig no problem.”

John continues, “Here, for example, a DJI Osmo camera feeds a wireless image to an iPad. [At Putch Labs, we] prefer low-tech and homemade film gadgetry, as you might suspect. ”

However, the big news with the latest upgrade, is that John has added lights! “It’s a revelation, lights enable you to see – especially when its dark,” John said brightly.


No, these aren’t available for sale. But I wanted to share the inside scoop with you. Not all high-quality production products are seen first at major trade shows. Sometimes, they push their way into our consciousness simply by how easy they are to handle.

This idea simply bristles with possibility.

– – –

NOTE: John loves creating small, independent feature films in his spare time outside Putch Labs. Take a look at his latest trailer here:

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13 Responses to The Incredible Broom Cam!

  1. Norm says:

    A clean sweep at the NAB awards…? Give me a break… :-/

  2. Mark Suszko says:

    This was hot stuff until the Drone version came out: A Roomba with a ring of Go Pro’s on it.

  3. Thom Bell says:

    A pun-ishing review.

  4. George says:

    Disguised as a janitor, use it for guerrilla shooting in museums etc.
    … and imagine the possibilities as a low-angle selfie stick.

  5. Andy Monheit says:

    Fantastic! I have been waiting for this technology before shooting my feature “Dust Bunnies from Hell.”

  6. Kevin Sio says:

    call the pun police

  7. Rick Stella says:


    I wanted to know if there are websites (not ads) whereby I can read up on articles about 3-axis brushless gimbals on an objective basis. Products such as the DJI Osmo and the Lanparte HH-G01 gimbals are interesting but I’d like a wider choice of gimbals such as these but with a product-by-product comparison. Could you please direct me to such websites? Also, do you have a particular favorite gimbal similar to these described above? Thanks so much. I have enjoyed all your FCP X webinars and continue to do so. Rick

  8. woz says:

    “…using it on my next episode of the TV show ‘Rush-Hour”?

    Shouldn’t that be Brush-Hour?

  9. Albert says:

    Not to brush off this technological marvel, but doesn’t Kubrick deserve credit for inspiring the “broom cam”?

    • Larry says:


      I don’t want to sweep this under the rug, but the speed of that shot clearly illustrates that a camera-mounted flying broom was involved (see: “Potter, Harry”). Totally different.

      Sigh… We need to get a better handle on all these low-flying effects before someone gets hurt.


  10. Eric says:

    I hope my firm doesn’t see this article. They will fire the photogs and make the janitor do two jobs.

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