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Recently, a student came to me with problems in keying text clips in Final Cut.

During the course of discussing his problem, I discovered that he was editing his text clips to the Timeline, rather than superimposing them.

The key points to remember in keying text clips in Final Cut are the following:

  1. Put your playhead in the middle of the clip into which you want to key text.
  2. Connect the left patch panel tab (from the Viewer) to the same track as the clip your playhead is in. Generally, this means v1 > V1.
  3. Generate your text from the Viewer pop-up menu
  4. Superimpose your text by dragging it from the Viewer to the Canvas Superimpose overlay menu
  5. Double-click the text from the Timeline to load it into the Viewer.

Following this procedure will automatically:

Simply editing your clip to the Timeline does not accomplish the same results nearly as quickly or as easily.

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