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Mike Eastman recently wrote:

I have two monitors and run my time line across both. I have trouble with the scrolling vertically. Because [I have to move the mouse all the] way over to the right of the right monitor. What about an article on short cuts and in and outs of the scrolling vertically in the timeline.

Larry replies: There are a number of ways to scroll vertically on the Timeline; more than you might expect.


  1. If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel, place the mouse in the middle of the Timeline and roll the wheel. The Timeline scrolls vertically, depending upon whether your mouse is in the video or audio section.


  3. Drag the blue thumb-wheel at the right side of the Timeline

  5. Click the up and down arrows at the right side of the Timeline.


  7. Grab the heavy, gray bar in the middle of the Timeline and drag it up or down to reveal more, or less, of either video or audio tracks. (This isn’t, technically, scrolling, but it does allow you to see more tracks.)


  9. Type “H” to select the Hand tool. Click and drag in the Timeline. If you drag vertically, you move vertically. If you drag horizontally, you move horizontally.


By the way, if you have a scroll-wheel mouse, put the cursor at the top of the Timeline, where the timecode numbers are, and you can scroll the Playhead by rolling the wheel.


Also, Mike, I’ve seen problems in the past where the Timeline spans two monitors. I recommend keeping the Timeline, Canvas and Viewer on one monitor and use the second monitor for your Browser, Scopes, and other windows.

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