Picking The Right Color Profile For Still Images

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We had a great turn-out at my live webinar last Wednesday. Three sold-out events, with almost 300 people attending. During the three presentations, I answered more than 100 questions about Final Cut Studio.

The only down-side was that we had so many questions, I couldn’t answer all of them, so I thought I’d tackle a few here that I couldn’t get to, and share them with all of us.

Bob A.

When working with still images to be imported into FCP, what color space should I use?

Larry replies: Bob, use RGB.

Also, to be sure your gray scales are set properly:

1. Open the image in Photoshop.

2. Select Edit > Assign Profile

3a. For images for an SD project (NTSC or PAL), set the Profile to either SMPTE-C or sRGB.

3b. For images for an HD project, set the Profile to HDTV (Rec. 709).

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  1. […] you want to prepare pictures or logo’s for import to FCP, just follow these recommendations: assign the RGB – HDTV rec.709 color profile to the picture and save it with […]

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