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As long as we are on the subject of exporting, Sharon, from Picture This Video, writes in:

I found some info on the Adobe site on how to export to Flash — it’s pretty extensive, but here’s the process (tested and works!):

  1. Export out of FCP using Quicktime conversion, and choose the Macromedia Flash file as the file format. I used Flash 8, at high quality, and changed the size to 320 x 240.

  3. Then, open Flash. I have Flash 8 on my computer (they will offer you a free 30 day trial).

  5. Select File > New > Flash Document.

  7. Choose File > Import > Import Video. A wizard will open. I used Progressive Download, and chose one of the pre-made skins to incorporate play, stop, volume controls (if you use any skin they have with External in the title, it won’t cover up your video, it will place the controls below the video).

  9. Video will start encoding after you are prompted to save the .fla file. I put this in its own discreet folder.

  11. Go to File > Publish

  13. Then, when you open the folder, you’ll see a .fla file, a .swf file, and a .flv file. You need all three files to publish to the web—I left that part up to my web designer, and just sent all three files to her, so I can’t help after that point.

I’m glad to finally give BACK some advice to you.

Larry replies: And I’m glad you did. Thanks!

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