Converting Markers to Subclips

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John Gallagher writes:

I use markers and subclips a lot. Is there any way, after creating several markers within several pieces of footage, I can convert all markers in all the bits of footage to subclips in one fell swoop? I’ve tried “Find All” with searching for Marker in the type field.


There’s probably no way to do this, I just wondered.

Larry replies: Yes and No.

There’s no way to create subclips from markers in multiple clips all at once. But there is a VERY cool way to instantly turn all the markers in a single clip into subclips.

Here’s how to do it.

  1. Load a clip from the Browser into the Viewer.
  2. Put your playhead where you want a subclip to start and place a marker by typing “M“. You can put as many markers in a clip as you want.
  3. Notice that the clip in the Browser now has a triangle next to the name. Twirl down the triangle to see a list of all your markers.
  4. Rename the markers as you wish.
  5. Create a new Bin in the Browser (press Command+B).
  6. Here’s the magic part… select and drag all the markers from the clip in the Browser into the bin you just created. As soon as the markers are dropped into the Bin they are instantly converted to subclips.

This is a very, VERY fast technique!

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2 Responses to Converting Markers to Subclips

  1. Wil says:

    Hi Larry,

    I just read this with much excitement as I am looking for solution on a project which is very sub heavy . Does this still work. I can highlight all markers but I can not find a way of dragging into a bin. Any help appreciated

    • Larry says:


      In reading this article I realized that nowhere in it did I describe which program this refers to. My error.

      This is a n FCP 7 technique. It won’t work in FCP X or Premiere.


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