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Steve Nave asks:

I want to tell you I have been watching your videos on and really enjoy your teaching style and content you have prepared. I have 2 questions, you give the size of 4:3 graphic for graphics at 720x534x72, but I can’t find the size if I am using 16:9. Could you tell the graphic dimension for that?


And I went through the process of creating a 3 layered graphic for a menu in Photoshop Elements 8 and had no problem, but when I import it into DVD SP the text and black outline for the button is faded and not sharp like the background graphic. Looks like low resolution. Any tips for what i may be doing wrong? I tried both tiff and png. When I imported the tiff I couldn’t access the layers as well. When I saved the file in Photoshop, I did check the box to include layers.

Larry replies: Thanks for writing, Steve.

16:9 menu graphics are 853 x 480 x 72.

FCP does not support Photoshop layer effects. Be sure to render / rasterize all layers before importing into Final Cut.

UPDATE – Sept. 22, 2010

Chi-Ho Lee adds:

This is in response to the reader’s question below – If you merge a PS layer that contains a effect with a blank layer, then FCP will recognize that PS layer effect. At least it used to back in FCPv4 and 5, haven’t used layer effects and FCP in a while but worth checking out.

Larry replies: Chi-ho, this is a good comment. However, my understanding is that merging layers is also rasterizing the text as well as combining the layers.

So this gives us two ways to accomplish the same thing.


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