Simon Says Launches AI Transcription Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro

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Simon Says, an AI transcription and video assembly platform for video professionals, just released a workflow extension panel for Adobe Premiere Pro.

While Simon Says has supported web-based transcription for several years, the news here is the Premiere extension. This means you can transcribe interviews and translate foreign-language recordings — in 100 languages — and receive transcript markers that attach back to clips. Caption edits for accessibility and subtitle sequences for international distribution in minutes.

With Adobe announcing that Premiere will soon support speech-to-text transcription natively, I asked Shamir Allibhai, CEO of Simon Says, why they created this extension. I learned this extension is part of a larger vision. “The focus is with Simon Says Assemble and allowing people to tell their visual stories much easier/faster and by lowering the technical barriers to edit (i.e. text-based editing is so much easier). It is getting affection by editors in that it saves them 50%-75% of the time to create a rough cut and their teammates/clients can jump in and everyone can quickly align, then export back to their NLE to polish, title, and color.”

Other benefits of Simon Says, according to Shamir, include:

Additional features include:

Once installed, the Simon Says extension lives as a panel inside Adobe Premiere Pro. Users select the media or sequence they want to import and Adobe Media Encoder will launch to transcode it. It is then uploaded to the project in the cloud and transcribed in minutes; results are displayed in the extension where creatives can edit and export it.

Download the Simon Says Extension for Adobe Premiere Pro in the Adobe Exchange marketplace to get started transcribing, translating and captioning content in Premiere.

New users get 15 minutes free credit and Simon Says has Pay As You Go and subscription plans.

Learn more on the Simon Says website:

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