Preventing Video Buzz in A Video Screen

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Dick Osso sent this in:

I have a Mac Pro, FCP7 with an nVidia 8800 video Card. I downloaded SNOW LEOPARD and started to have video buzz lines around my video screen.


It only happened when I was in DUAL SCREEN MODE.


Online tech support felt it was a hardware issue but could NOT determine what was at fault, as any scan of problems said there were none.


Went to APPLE store and left Mac Pro for a week only to have the issue when I got home, after they replaced the video card.


Went back a second time and after 3 hrs of isolating the issue and getting the FAILURE to happen in the store, it was discovered that:


ONCE I GOT TO SNOW LEOPARD, the nVidia 8800 video card could NOT handle the dual screen real time display without showing BUZZ LINES through the video.


These BUZZ LINES did not go through to a DVD.




When you have the same hardware and go to a DUAL DISPLAY, they had to replace the video card with a Radon 4870 card. This beefed up card got rid of the video BUZZ LINES.


So if anyone else has this issue, this was the fix for me.


Thanks Larry, thought you’d like to know to help others….

Larry replies: Thanks, Dick, for sharing this.


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