Premiere Pro: Trash Preferences

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When an application starts acting weird, one of the best ways to reset it, before you call tech support, is to trash its preference files.

With Final Cut in Lion, you need to find a hidden folder and trash two files. Recent versions of Premiere Pro make this much easier. Here’s the secret:

When launching Premiere Pro from either a Mac or PC, hold down two keys while launching. This automatically throws away Premiere’s preferences.

In both cases, continue holding the keys until the splash screen appears. You will know you successfully trashed preferences when the splash screen doesn’t have projects listed.

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  1. Robert Gregory says:

    media encoder launches but will not process the video

    • Larry says:


      If you can open the file, but NOT see it, that would indicate that the proper codecs are not installed.

      If you can open the file AND see it, that would indicate problems with AME. Reinstall the application and if that doesn’t work, contact Adobe support.


  2. Robert W says:

    I am running Premiere Pro CC 7.2.2 under Mac OS 10.8.5. Shift + Option does not seem to reset preferences since the Workspaces have not changed and the Playback monitors under Set Preferences have not changed. How can I do a complete fresh reset? Thanks.

    • Larry says:


      You are running fairly old software and the reset shortcut appeared more recently than that. You’ll need to contact Adobe Support to learn the best way to reset your system.


  3. Farries Maxwell says:

    What’s wrong with Premiere Pro?
    It’s not letting me import videos to my timeline.

    It continues to not work properly.

    Can I get some help here?


    • Larry says:


      Comments here are moderated to minimize spam, which means they don’t post the instant you send them. What kind of problems are you having? Specifically, what codec and frame size are you trying to import? Windows or Mac? What version of Premiere Pro? Have you ever been able to import these clips or have they never worked.

      Share some more details and I’ll try to help.


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