Premiere Pro CC: Multicam with Discreet Audio

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Premiere Pro CC: Multicam with Discreet Audio

This article was sent in by Allynn Wilkinson and explains how to create a multicam clip with discreet multi-channel audio tracks. Thanks, Allynn, for sharing this with us.


First, a little background… We are making short videos for a Spanish class. These are mostly three cameras with additional, non-sync audio for each of the main actors. Each video is shot in short takes with a little overlap that need to be put together into a single multicam sequence.

I used the new audio sync feature in CC to (mostly) successfully sync up over 200 files! This would have been incredibly difficult to do manually (and being in Spanish would only have been *part* of the problem!). Premiere took all of the files from three days shooting and auto-magically synced them up into 11 different multicam nests. It also put all of the original files into a “processed” bin. This made it very easy to find the B-roll (it was the only thing not in that bin!). It did make a couple of mistakes but nothing I couldn’t easily fix.

Next I wanted to take each of the best “takes” from the sequences, put them into a new sequence and make a multi clip from *that*. But I also wanted all of the audio tracks to be separately editable in the sequence. In the past, I would just cut and paste the other audio tracks into the new, final, nest but that would be difficult in this case because the new nest contained selections from several original multicams and not the whole thing from one.

So here’s the trick…. Assemble all of the desired takes onto a new sequence. Select *just* the video tracks and nest those. Then right click to enable multi-camera and you have a multi cam of all the video to cut between but all of the audio tracks stay discreet! It is **so** simple! I love it!



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One Response to Premiere Pro CC: Multicam with Discreet Audio

  1. Mal says:

    Hi Larry,

    Once again, you are a life saver. I’ve been struggling with trying to establish the best workflow when editing a multi cam sequence with multiple independent audio sources. Especially since audio isn’t treated as a camera, unlike in FCPX.

    Great work. Thank you very much!

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