Pick The Right ProRes For Canon 7D Video

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Achim writes (and I cleaned up his English in this question a bit):

I bought a Canon 7D to make some short films with that cam in HD.


I edit in Final Cut and have the Canon plug-in for FCP. I can import from the compact-card with this plug-in directly in FCP, but I don’t know which version of ProRes to select in Log and transfer. Which is better for the Canon 7d format?


Excuse my bad English, I don’t write often in English.

Larry replies: Compared to my German, your English is excellent! Thanks for writing.

The Canon shoots a video format called “H.264”. Because of the quality of this video, you don’t need to use ProRes HQ.

I recommend you use either ProRes 422 or ProRes 422 LT. LT will have smaller files and, I suspect, you won’t be able to see a difference between the two. If you can’t see a difference, then pick LT. If you can, then pick ProRes 422. Technically, aside from bit rate, the two formats are identical.

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  1. My method of choosing the ‘right’ ProRes format is looking at what the bitrate of the source footage is.
    0-25 mbit/s – ProRes422(LT)
    26-50 mbit/s – ProRes422
    51-100 mbit/s – ProRes422(HQ)
    more than 100 mbit/s or RED footage (only when using ProRes for finished product) or an Alpha Channel is needed – ProRes4444

    The Canon EOS 7D is about 40-45 mbit, so that would mean ProRes422 is the optimal codec.

    I based my method on the information I got from this document http://images.apple.com/support/finalcutpro/docs/Apple-ProRes-White-Paper-July-2009.pdf

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