Photoshop: Use the Clone Tool to Remove Dust [Video]

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[This is an excerpt from a recent on-line video training: Repair Images Using Photoshop CC 2014, which you can download from our store. You can also access all our training when you become a member of our Video Training Library.]

Still images are at the heart of almost all documentaries. But, as photos get older they start to degrade. This means that before you include them in your video project, to need to clean them up and repair them.

In this short video tutorial, host Larry Jordan illustrates how to use the Clone tool to remove dust spots and small scratches in a image using Adobe Photoshop CC.

Demo: Using the Clone Tool In Photoshop CC

TRT: 5:36 — MPEG-4 HD movie

NOTE: This video may not play inside FireFox, if so, please use a different browser.


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4 Responses to Photoshop: Use the Clone Tool to Remove Dust [Video]

  1. John Keech says:

    Hi Larry

    Am having trouble viewing your videos. Running latest software with 2013 imacj 16 gigs with a 25 mps internet. The cursor starts and you say hi etc. after a coupe of seconds the movie stops and the cursor bounces back an forth about +- 4 seconds and carries on no farther.


    • Larry Jordan says:


      Hmmm… I’m getting a rash of comments about playback this morning.

      It MAY be that too many people are accessing the server. Wait an hour or so and see if things improve. If not, get back to me and we’ll check into it further.


  2. Chris Young says:

    Hi, Larry.

    I’m also having some trouble with playback, but it could well be congestion or my new blankety-blank Internet provider. One problem I don’t think I can take credit for is that both the Clone Tool and the Spot Healing items in your newsletter link to this video. Just thought you’d like to know!


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