New Features in Adobe Media Software (May, 2022)

Posted on by Larry

Adobe updated their video applications last week. Here are the new features, with links to learn more.


More info:

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ADOBE AFTER EFFECTS (v22.3 & 22.4)

More info:

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More info:

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2 Responses to New Features in Adobe Media Software (May, 2022)

  1. Mark Suszko says:

    So, the long overdue GUI overhaul for premiere is still off in the distance somewhere? I recognize Premiere’s power as well as AfterEffects, but man, the interface has always left me cold. I’ve never been able to enjoy using it, the way I enjoy using FCPX and Motion, where what you need is already at hand and accessible as you need it, without needing keystroke shortcuts even.

    • Larry says:


      Twelve years ago, I had a conversation with Richard Townhill, who was then the marketing person in charge of Final Cut Pro 7, about why Apple was so reluctant to improve the interface for FCP. What he said stuck with me ever since: “You change the interface of a major application at your peril.”

      Look at the reaction to FCP X when it was launched. Yes, it lacked features, but the interface was so difference people migrated to Premiere simply because it looked more like FCP 7. Or, more recently, look at the reaction to Adobe changing the Import workspace interface to make the application easier for new editors, while the “old” editors complained that they were changing something the already worked perfectly fine.

      Interface changes are always a risk. I’m not surprised Adobe is moving slowly.


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