New! Copy/Paste Changed in Premiere Pro 22.5

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One of the smaller changes in the June update to Premiere Pro is also one that can save you a bunch of time: Adobe revised Copy/Paste.

In the past, when you pasted a clip that you copied from the timeline, Premiere would paste according to the track targeting indicators in the timeline.

(Track targets are the second column of blue boxes; the ones containing V3 and A3 in this example.)

The old rule was: “Premiere will paste to the lowest numbered track who’s track target is colored blue. If you change targets after copying, it will paste according to the revised targets.”

Right. It was confusing.

Now, by default, it copies to the same track from which it was copied.

MUCH clearer!


Adobe added four new shortcuts to further control how timeline clips get pasted:

However, only two of these are assigned to keys.  To change or add these, go to the Keyboard Shortcuts menu and search for “paste”. You’ll find the four new shortcuts listed under Panels. Notice that pasting to the same track is now the default.


If you want to return Premiere to its earlier behavior, simply delete the Cmd + V shortcut assigned to Paste to Same Track and the old targeting behavior will return.

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2 Responses to New! Copy/Paste Changed in Premiere Pro 22.5

  1. Ryan Horner says:

    It doesn’t seem to work with multiple clips. When I try to copy and paste multiple clips from different tracks, it seems to only past just underneath the original when I choose the lowest target track.

    • Larry says:


      I just tried this on my system and it works as I describe in this article. Make sure you are running the latest version of Premiere. Also, it may be that the Cmd+V shortcut was deleted. Read the last paragraph in the article and make sure that Paste to Same Track is assigned to Cmd + V.


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